Building in Utah

Your home should be built your way; made especially for you. Talk to us about your ideas and let’s come up with something amazing.

Do you have a plan in mind? If you don’t, we can take you to talk to our designer and work out a plan that will suit your needs.

Remodel Your Home Don’t want to move, but tired of that humdrum house?

Boring basement? Lifeless living room? Dull doors? Kent Nickell Construction can help you with your remodeling needs.

Whether you are crammed in a kitchen or boxed in a bedroom, we can give you the added space you need to give you more living potential.

Just want to update? No problem. Picture your home with fresh, modern appliances and all the ideas. From kitchens to bathroom, bedrooms to family rooms, a remodel can make your home work for you.


Add a Garage Whether it's added to your existing home or building a detached garage, we can help you plan what's best.

We can add a garage onto your existing home, or we can build a detached garage. This will give you that extra space you have been needing to keep those autos out of the weather and extra storage for what is important to you. You will also have space to make a workshop in your garage where you can go and create.

Finishing Your Basement What better way to add square feet to your living area than to finish your basement.

  • Do you feel like your home is shrinking?
  • Are you accumulating more stuff?
  • Is your teenager needing a room of his or her own?
  • Has the college graduate found his way back to the nest?
  • Are you looking to provide room for an elderly parent or rent out space to help makes ends meet?

Regardless of the reason, the space solution may actually be right under your feet. Typically, basements are the most under-utilized part of the home for living space. When you finish your basement, it expands your home – adding features and real value. You can turn your basement into a “dream room” or a great entertainment spot.


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